April 12, 2011

Bulletin Board

Several years ago I inherited this large frame with a canvas painting in it from my in-laws that was not my taste.  It measures about 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 feet. So I took it and covered the canvas with a large piece of fabric and have used it over and over in my niche, on the wall with frames inside frames, Christmas decorations, all kinds of things would hang from it. 

Recently, I decided I needed a bulletin board above my desk.  My husband has a huge one above his desk which is behind mine so I would always just turn around and look at his calendar and baseball schedule etc.  I have been looking and looking for something large enough but didn't want to spend  a lot of money.  I decided to take this great frame with the canvas already in it, and put cork board in it. 

I have had these cork pieces under my bed for about 2 years and when I remembered I had them and found them, a piece was missing from the corner.  I knew I could fix that easily.  I made sure that six tiles would fit and then inked the edges.  I wanted them to stand out a little more.

Then I took two of the kids lunch sacks and cut out circles and layered them on top of each other.  Waded them up and crinkled them.  Inked the edges and glued a button in the middle.  I hot glued that perfect paper flower right over the tear in the cork.  (I'm sorry about the blurry picture.  I found out I shake when I take pictures and didn't have the tripod handy.  I'm working on my photo issues.)

I hung it above my very ugly but useful desk in our office area upstairs.  I thought it would be best to take a picture of it before I clutter it up with all my reminders and notes.

  Total cost for my bulletin board......$4.59 for the package of cork tiles.

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Jill said...

Great idea - I have some cork tiles and now there's a good use for them - thank you :) Love the paper flower - looking for lunch bags next.

Alida said...

What a great idea! I love that paper flower too :-) I think I have seen cork tiles around somewhere...I may have to go looking for them now!

Trisha said...

I just framed a cork board recently for the office :) Spring cleaning & needed to get organized. Yours turned out great! I REALLY love those paper flowers.....I'm going to have to try that out :D

Brandy J. said...

I just found your blog and am your newest follower. This project is practical and fabulous! Thanks for creating such a great blog full of inspiration.

Oh, I love the name too!

Leanne said...

It turned out great. I'm hosting We're Organized Wednesday through Saturday this week and would love for you to link this to the party. There's a great giveaway too.