March 15, 2011

Strawberry Surfrider Smoothie (just like Jamba Juice)

We love Jamba Juice.  With my smart card, I can buy one get one free.  Great deal.  As you know they list the ingredients on the menu board.  I have played around with the measurements enough times that now we make our own at home.

12 oz. size
6 oz. frozen pink lemonade
1 scoop strawberries - eyeball it (probably about a cup)  If you use fresh add a little sugar to them first.
1/2 scoop frozen peaches - (probably about 1/2 cup)
1 ice cream scoop lime sherbet
1 large glass crushed ice

We eyeball it a lot and some of the kids like it more tart than the others so I add more lemonade or more sherbet depending on who is asking for one.  All of my strawberries are now used up and I anxiously wait for the fresh strawberry stands to begin selling fresh picked berries right from the fields around us. 


Trisha said...

We love Jamba juice too. But its usually only a treat if we're out shopping on a hot day. I love making smoothies & I bet we'll love this!!

Lanell said...

I think you will like this alot. I especially like mine really tart. I was looking at your blog and we have alot in common. I loved reading your list of 7 things. I especially loved the dog part. Goldens are the best dogs. I think we would make great friends if we lived by each other.:)

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I was the beneficiary of the pictured Strawberry Surfrider! Thank you Lanell, it was great!

Lanell said...

Oh Gary, you're such a perfect husband :)

Hannah said...

Thank you thank you thank you for this! The strawberry Surfrider is my absolute favorite Jamba. Alas, there is no Jamba in my town {insert shocked gasp here}. And the kicker is that I'm pregnant with our 3rd and this first trimester has been icky and I keep thinking, "If only we had a Jamba..." I was bemoaning this tonight (again) so my lovely and amazing husband drove down the hill to the store and came back with fixings for said Surfrider! Do who needs Jamba when there is google to direct me to you and the recipe and an amazing husband to make one for me?? :) Thank you!