April 11, 2011

Spring Break is Over.....Time to get my baking on!

Spring break is over.  Kids back in school today.  I'm not excited or anything....I can just get back into my routine.  It was great having them home for 2 weeks cause it's a break for me and my routine. I relax about things like laundry, dusting, mopping the floors etc., because as fast as I get it done, it gets messy again.  You know what I mean right? 

First couple days will just be cleaning and catching up with the house and while I'm doing that today, cinnamon roll dough is rising.  Recipes to share are planned for the week and maybe a craft or two. 

Stay tuned!

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Lizzy said...

Hi, Lanell! Thanks for saying hi on my blog...I'm now following you as well :) You can cook AND craft??? LOoking forward to seeing all your creations~