May 24, 2011

Baby bird update

Our babies are growing by leaps and bounds.  They barely fit in the nest now.  I know they look like a jumbled mess of feathers and I'm not even sure I can figure out exactly what is what, but here they are.  That is three babies in there and it's cold here today so we want to hurry so mom can come back and keep them warm.

Monday, May 23rd


Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

I've wondered how the baby birds were doing- glad to see they're well and growing. They really look squished in their nest! I think it's time for the mommy and daddy birds to build an addition!

Debbie @ OtRD said...

Just amazing! I can't believe you have these guys right outside your kitchen window! Isn't it such a treat to get to watch them!!