March 3, 2011

Baseball Season Begins

Let the good times roll. 
 Dillon plays for the Temecula Xtreme Baseball Club, a travel team.  This will also be his last year in Little League as a Majors, playing for the Red Sox with our season opener on Saturday.  Plus, he played on the Middle School Team in the Fall.  He eats, drinks and sleeps baseball.

Oh, and did I mention I have two older kids in Track at the High School!  Season just beginning so will post pictures of them soon.

I love my family!

Swing batta, batta,swing


Alida said...

Great video... I love whoever is cheering for Dill Pickle in the background. Awesome hit and he brought a runner home!!

Lanell said...

Thanks Alida. I think it was just one of the kids from the team calling him pickle. By the end of baseball season (if there is such a thing), I'm ready for a break, but once it starts again, I love it. Thanks for checking the blog.