February 23, 2011

Mod Podge Project

When I was visiting my sister a few months ago, she showed me a handwritten recipe that our grandma had written and she had framed it.  It looked really cool.  In my kitchen I had four faded pictures of some vegetables.  They were so outdated but the frames were awesome and I knew I could refresh them somehow.  I also had a couple hand written recipes from my Grandma and so I decided to take them and mod podge them to the frame.  I took a photo copy and then made it look really old by inking along the edges and on the paper.


I know it's hard to see them clearly, but what a great way to display recipes in your kitchen that have been handed down in their original handwriting.  They are priceless, especially since my Grandma is gone and she was such a good cook.

1 comment:

Alida said...

What a beautiful idea and such a great tribute to your grandmother!