March 29, 2011

Soda Bottle Cloche'

This is a complete copy cat project.  Is that bad in blog land?  I saw it just like two days ago and thought it was so clever I had to try it.  Honestly, I can't find who posted it.  I hope if you see this post and you made one recently you will please notify me so I can give the proper credit to you.  I searched for about an hour today, trying to find where I saw this.  I have been getting new followers and have been trying to acknowledge each one, and now I can't remember who posted it and if I'm following you or you are following me or ugghhhh.....I'm sorry. 

Anyway, I thought it was so clever I tried one, and love it.  I went to Ralphs and bought Grape Soda just for the kids (who were overjoyed) for .79 cents.  I cut off the bottom of the bottle, then I spray painted my lid silver, had to use mineral spirits to take the sticky back of the label off but it came off easily.  Put some moss on the pedestal, $1.00 bunnies from the Dollar Tree and tied a sheer ribbon around the lid.  It really does work.  It looks so cute.  Thanks for the great idea......wonderful blogger! 


Trisha said...

That is super cute!! I love this idea! I think thats the best part about blogging....all the ideas we find :)
I want to try this too!

Lanell said...

Go do it. It was so easy and so inexpensive. I think it looks cute in my kitchen. I might have to bling up my bunnies just a little. I like vintage things, and they might need a little aging or bling on them. But the soda bottle is great. I think you can find a 3 liter bottle of soda and that might even work better. I still love your wreath and want to make one for the front door.

imsteelefullofscrap said...

Wow that is such a nifty idea and to think how many I have sent to recycling!!