June 17, 2011

Baseball Pin Collection

After coming home from our Baseball Tournament, my son came home with 63 trading pins.  I didn't want to purchase the nice in closed pin box from the tournament for $75.00 so I knew I would have to come up with something at home.  We decided to display them in the open for a while and that way, he can look at them often, instead of being kept in a tidy carry case where you can't see them.

I decided to take one of his jerseys that he was given and put the pins on that.  It was easy to push the pins through both front and back layers of the shirt and put the butterfly clasp on the back.  We just started lining them up but weren't to worried about exactness.

Then I took a hook and put it on the wall.  We slipped a plastic hanger in the shirt and realized the sleeves were to heavy and hung down so we pinned them to the wall.  Then I took one of his caps and hung it over the hook to hide the hanger.

Now he can look at them every day and after rearranging a few things, it fit perfectly in that little corner of his room.  The cost to display......$1.99 for the hook. 

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Alida said...

What a great idea!

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